Monday, April 28, 2008

New Phaze of the Moon on Monday

Here is what's new at Phaze, eBook erotic romance, this week:

The Gilded Cage - Tilly Greene

This story has an interesting history. IIRC, Tilly had sent a companion story, The Leather Bride, to Phaze for consideration as part of the Fetish HeatSheet line. It was delightful story, but I felt it needed a bit of expansion to really bring out the plot and characterization, so I contracted for a regular release. Leather, which is set in the fashion world, was well-received, and Tilly went on to write a second book along similar themes - Taming Marie Antoinette.

That one did well, too, which prompted us to approach Tilly about a print collection. To round out the fashion trifecta (a story in New York, a story in Paris...), she sent along Gilded, a BDSM romance set in London. Is it hot! There are toys and piercings and things I didn't realize existed in here - it's the perfect anchor to the collection, which also launched this week as Hot Couture.

Endless - Wendy Stone

Wendy is a rather prolific writer, exploring different corners of the map. With Phaze she has an historical, a fantasy romance, and a contemporary short. Endless is another contemporary, and a bit of a departure from others we've done. The meat of the story concerns the end (?) of a romance and is sprinkled with progressive flashbacks of the relationship portrayed. Readers will argue whether or not the ending is HEA, but in a way I think it is. Depends on how you look at things. I liked this story because there is an element of originality that sets it apart from other things we've done. Readers have said they want more of the romance, and I think this fits the bill.

Seduction's Fiery Touch - Penelope Russell

Here it gets a bit wild. Sexy firefighters, happy ending massages, threebies and more. I can't recall if Penelope sent this originally as a Force HeatSheet submission, I believe she did, but the end result is a lengthier novella that delves deeper into the core relationship of the story. A massage therapist volunteering time to aid firefighters finds more than she bargained for, yet the flames keep rising. This is a depature from Penelope's other work with us (His Private Dancer), and it shows her writing versatility. Certainly hope to see more of her in the future.
And that's it for April. For May we have vampires, aliens, handcuffs, cowboys, manlovin', and other favorite pastimes.

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