Monday, April 21, 2008

New Phaze of the Moon on Monday

Here is what's new at Phaze, eBook erotic romance, this week:

Lockdown - Augusta Li and Eon de Beaumont

I've wanted to expand our offerings of yaoi for a while now, particularly stories with cover art that corresponds to the genre. Until this point we had only two yaoi shorts. One was part of our Snuggler line, which received the requisite non-yaoi Snuggler cover, and the other was part of the Phaze Fantasies series. Lockdown is the first of two yaoi shorts we have coming from Gus and Eon so far. It is a very short read but true to the genre as I have read it, so we'll see if we can reach this unique readership. M/M fiction (gay romance for women) is perhaps our best selling genre, and I'll be curious to know how they react to these offerings.

Charlotte's Secret - Marc Nobbs

We have a few male writers at Phaze. I tend to think of them as our underdogs. They write so well, but some have acknowledged the struggle to be heard in a genre dominated by women - readers and authors. Secret, I think, is a rather romantic story that will appeal to erotic romance readers of either gender. I can't recall how this one came to us - it might have been submitted as a Coming Together piece but somehow made its way to the regular calendar. However it got to Phaze, it's here and Charlotte's Secret is open for business.

Spring Training - Alessia Brio and Will Belegon

If you read the predecessor to this story, you'll be familiar with the main cast. However, where Double Header took on a light tone at times and sizzled with unapologetic menage sex and fascinating toys, Spring Training is presented with more serious issues. There is more suspense in this installment, a few scenes of violence, and an ending that implies extra innings will be played. I've asked if there will be more to this series and received a non-committal answer. I suppose if the muses strike Alessia and Will we will see more of Andrea and her men. If not, I know we haven't heard the last of this amazing writing duo.

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