Monday, April 14, 2008

New Phaze of the Moon on Monday

Here is what's new at Phaze, eBook erotic romance, this week:

A Crown of Stars - L.E. Bryce

Bryce's works are rather unique to the Phaze catalog, and quite popular among our M/M readers. There is a lyrical quality to the prose that stands apart from some of our more category offerings. Description is always lush, and characterization and dialogue impeccable. I could imagine many of these books easily playing on a movie screen. Crown is the sequel to My Sun and Stars, a continuation of the author's Rhodeen epic that extends into a new generation of warriors and lovers. A concluding third book is on the way.

My Deepest Love: Zack - Marie Rochelle

I like Marie's books because she writes about real people, colorblind people who struggle with real issues and try to do what's right despite what society thinks. Zack is the first of a series about the Drace brothers - a close-knit family previously sworn to bachelorhood, but slowly finding their defenses crumbling at the feet of some wonderfully attractive ladies. Zack is written to showcase the first story of Zack and Traci, yet sets up for future stories, so fans of interracial romance should enjoy all of them.

Sacred Spots - Selena Kitt

This is part of our OZ HeatSheets - stories of otherworlds, be they different planets or different states of mind. Spots, you'll find is more contemporary than other titles we'll offer here, but it shouldn't divert the reader from enjoying the short, sizzling story. Selena came to Phaze via the Coming Together series, and will be sticking around for a while with her own style of sophisticated erotic prose.

Enslaving Heaven - Michelle Houston

This is a first for us: a Sapphic, BDSM sci-fi piece. We've done lesbian, we've done BDSM, and we've done science fiction, but not all together. Some might it's a damn sight tastier than chocolate and peanut better! I believe this had been submitted originally for a theme sheet but was contracted with the provision to lengthen the work. The result is a powerful story of one woman's struggle to accept a new role as dominant to the slave she reluctantly purchased. I do hope this title does well; I have a tendency to cheer for the underdog, and while F/F doesn't bring in the sales of M/M, I do believe there is a market for it. We'll be here when the market finds us.

Wednesday we'll have a special release to coincide with RT Pittsburgh.

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