Sunday, April 6, 2008

In Vino Veritas

Tonight's wine is a 2004 Claret from Veritas Vineyards of Central Virginia. We bought the bottle in August, 2007 during a weekend tasting. Hubby had been there once before, but as it was my birthday and we happened to be in Charlotteville for the weekend, we decided to make the trip into Afton. That had been my first vineyard tasting, and by the end I was doing the Virginia reel to make Scarlett O'Hara jealous.

I'm not much of a red drinker, but the Claret is sharp on my palate. It is spicy and possesses a latent warming quality that paired nicely with the mild swiss spread and crackers I had with it. Though I imagine it would go better with a nice steak. Maybe tomorrow.

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