Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am she, and she is Leigh, and we are all together...

A promotion seminar at Virginia Festival of the Book suggested to authors, rather than spreading oneself too thinly among various social networks, to find the one thing that works for promotion and put everything you have into it. Focus is the key. It makes sense, for some will argue it's better to excel at one thing than do many things in mediocre fashion. As I prepare to regain a foothold in the promo game, I had to think about what worked for me versus what I enjoyed.

I used to enjoy blogging. Quirky clips daily. I'd be found in Google under the most unusual phrases (nude Elimidate comes to mind), and I came to foster a number of online acquaintances as a result. Of course, I experienced the burn-out as well due to a number of events. Childbirth, moving, work, nursing, dieting, editing and publishing. Now that I have managed to bring some of those duties under control, it's time to be me again.

Which me, though? It is not widespread, but it is commonly known among certain circles that I write under two names. There are reasons I had kept it quiet in the past, but recent climates have encouraged me to come out of the writing closet and reveal my two sides (not faces, mind you). I wrote sweet things as one person, spicy as another. In the last two years, one of my personas had to take a backseat while the other tackled duties I hadn't intended for myself. In some ways it was wonderful, in others not. In 2008, I decided both halves needed to strike balance in order for me to remain whole. While I was at it, I needed to let readers know I am still alive, so here I am.

Made it through that last post. Great! It's going to be easier as we move along. Promise.

The Saint

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krispykreme said...

So The Saint and The Sinner unite?!?

I like this. A lot.