Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Edgar Cayce

Another little gem waiting in my inbox this morning.

This is the first lesson ye should learn: There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, it doesn't behoove any of us to speak evil of the rest of us. This is a universal law, and until one begins to make application of same, one may not go very far in spiritual or soul development. - Edgar Cayce Reading 3063-1

I hear quite a bit about the universal laws, the laws of attraction, etc. Apparently The Secret plays a large role in touting such laws - if you think positive thoughts, positive things happen. I get the impression everybody I know who's into this thinks this is a new phenomenon, but it's really something the Cayce material has touched for decades. As for the validity of The Secret, my jury's still out. I'd love to be able to think positively all the time. It's a challenge, however, when you're married to a man with a constant thundercloud hanging over his head. I'll get two hours into a positive day only to have him burst into the house, screaming, "Where's my wallet? What did you do with that hundred dollars I gave you two weeks ago? All the bills are due, we're one paycheck from being homeless. I hate living here."

Then Tyke misses on the potty and I have to clean that up. By day's end I'm thinking that I positively want a stiff drink.

I know, too, there's more to achieving success than just thinking about. I can think day and night about attracting an agent, but it would help if I had a book to show, eh? It would help if I had the time to write that book. That's something I'm trying to work out on my own. I have work, a half hour for staff meditation, then a lunch hour, then home, then Phaze, then bed. What's left?
True, I found the time to first draft Dare to Dream in all this, now I have to make the magic work again. I'm not sure which universal law will assist in stretching time to allow more hours in the day, but if I could do it then I could positively get some writing done. Or, waste it here.

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