Thursday, April 10, 2008

Edgar Cayce

A most appropriate Thought For the Day from Ed dropped in the inbox today:

Do not worry as to whether you are fat or thin. Worry rather as to whether you use your body, mentally and physically, as an expression of thy ideal. - Edgar Cayce Reading 308-8

I am the typical American woman, forever obsessing about my weight. Before I got pregnant, I had been on track to losing a fair number of pounds, only to see them a few hundred of their cousins come to stay on my thighs for the next three years. I haven't crested forty yet, but there were times I felt much older. My diet was poor, I didn't sleep, and I didn't particularly care what I looked like. It took a visit to my osteopath to kick my lazy ass into gear. When somebody tells you that you could be on dialysis in five years, it's time to do something.

The Weight Watchers, I find, is the best program for me for losing weight. I've tried just about everything else - the shakes, the pills, starving - and nothing else does the trick. Though I haven't stepped on a scale in a while, I can feel the difference it's made. My black jeans, previously tight around the guy, now fit with some wiggle room. I also find I am less likely to order fried food when we go out. My first goal had been to drop twenty before Romantic Times, but unfortunately I've had to cancel that trip. So maybe in 2009 I'll come to the Orlando convention in full fairy clubwear. Half the person I was. We'll see.

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