Thursday, April 3, 2008

Edgar Cayce

Hence, will is given to man as he comes into this manifested form that we see in material forces, for the choice. - Edgar Cayce Reading 262-52

I get these in the mail, due to the nature of my non-writing work. All quotes are taken from Cayce's transcribed sessions of his unconscious psychic readings. Some quotes that come through are simple, others paraphrased Biblical passages. Some, like the one above, take a while to understand.

The 262 refers to the person to whom the reading was given, and the 52, I believe, is the session. So, this one person had gone to see Cayce at least 52 times. The majority of Cayce's sessions were done to diagnose illnesses and prescribe holistic suggestions. Some readings were "life readings", where Cayce delved into more metaphysical topics like reincarnation. From what I get out this passage, Cayce affirms the concept of freewill. I seem to recall reading his belief that people would choose to return to Earth in different manifestations (reincarnation), so this might make sense in that respect.

Do I believe in reincarnation? I don't know yet. I've spent the last few years sliding between Catholicism and agnosticism, and there enough questions I need answered before I get that far. I will say I find much the Cayce legacy fascinating. As a romance author, I acknowledge the wealth of material here to use for stories. Many eBook publishers (and to an extent the big guns) offer specialized lines - torrid Tarot, tempting Tarot, zippy Zodiacs, etc. - so I can see the benefit in reading up on this stuff.

In fact, I do have two shorts (Jack of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds) that touch on reincarnation as the theme. Eventually I'll have to write the third story. I used to be so in love with those characters; Hearts was my first full M/M story, written quickly to meet the Phaze Shiver deadline. I had plans for the whole series, which unfortunately fell to the wayside along with other projects. You'll learn why soon.

Best, The Sinner

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