Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dream Dinners

On a message board where I am a regular, the question of the fantasy dinner party was raised. Ten people, living or dead, gathered around your table. I normally don't participate in such discussions, because it always seems after I choose my list another person comes after me with what the crowd perceives as the better choice. I could draw a roster of Nobel winners and honored statesmen, and one person would only have to say "Jesus" and everybody goes "Ooooooh!"

Of course, in some variations of this game you can only picked deceased people, and there follows the inevitable debate on whether or not Jesus is "dead." So I purposely leave Him out of these things. We'll meet up for wings and beer one night.
But, in the interest of interest, here is my list - living or dead. Geddy's not on here because I, ah, other plans for that.

Frida Kahlo - just a fascinating human being

Dorothy Parker - the reason I became a writer

Dick Francis - the reason I became a mystery writer

Andy Warhol - a complex individual who managed to balance his faith with his lifestyle in his own way

Eleanor of Aquitaine - lived an amazing life, being queen of two countries at two different times; she'd kiss and tell

St. Teresa of Avila - her writings had helped me once

John Lennon - always wanted to meet him, and I'll bet everybody else would too.

Betty Short ("The Black Dahlia") - maybe we'd finally get to find out who killed her

James Ellroy - I know he wants to know, too; besides, I've met him and he'd be a cool guest if he and Eleanor don't end up in a fist fight

Groucho Marx - just because

A bowl of ziti, a crate of gin, and I think the cops would be there around 11.

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