Friday, November 28, 2003

Self-Inflicted Hunting Arguments: Biblical Responses to a Loaded Issue by Dr. Tom C. Rakow

Rock Dove Publications, 189114748X, $12.95

Would Jesus shoot Bambi? Would Jesus not only shoot Bambi, but field dress him and have him for supper?

Our Lord's earthly dietary habits have long been a sticking point between hunting advocates and animal rights activists. Indeed, if you check the Internet you will find claims that Jesus was a vegetarian, alongside opposing opinion that supports the theory that Jesus partook of meat and fish. As is expected, both sides back up their beliefs cherry-picking verses from the Bible. Jesus said, "Thou shalt not kill," that should apply to animals as well as people, correct?

Stepping into the fray is Dr. Tom C. Rakow, author of Self-Inflicted Hunting Arguments: Biblical Responses to a Loaded Issue, a title nearly as long as the entire book, which is small enough to fit neatly in any hunter's pack. Glancing at the publisher's website, the animal right activist might roll his/her eyes at the prospect of being beaten with Bible quotes supporting the right to hunt defenseless animals. Yet, Dr. Rakow in Self-Inflicted thoughtfully looks at both sides of the argument, showing how both sides use the Scriptures to their advantage, yet not necessarily use them in the proper context. Though his conclusions will likely not be welcomed by all readers, Rakow disparages neither side of the debate as he makes his support known.

Whether a die-hard hunter, a citizen concerned for animal welfare, or someone undecided on the issue, Self-Inflicted is worth the read if you are concerned about whether or not your stance on such issues will compromise your Christianity.

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