Thursday, September 25, 2003

A Child of the King by Joanne Blundell Marsh

Publish America, 1591298938, $16.95

Reading A Child of the King, one might easily conclude Joanne Marsh has had her share of hardships. Whether or not her personal triumphs and tragedies outweight those of anybody else is arguable, but what possibly sets first-time author Marsh apart from others is an unwavering faith in Christ that saw her through the darkest moments. King, in this respect, is part memoir, part testimony.

Marsh lets the reader know from the outset that she is not a professional writer -- King delves into passages concerning her realm of business -- but a sincere child of God passionate enough to share her story. Indeed, King reads as like a one-sided conversation, peppered with moments of anxiety and humor as Marsh bares her soul -- talking of illness, marital problems, and other crises.

Chapters bounce back and forward in time, which might cause a reader some confusion or frustration, but Marsh's optimism and obvious love for the Lord provides the thread which stitches everything together. A Child of the King is Marsh's gift to God and to readers in need of an inspirational boost, readers coping with their own problems who need to know that what seems like a challenge can be overcome with faith.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Books Read, September 2003

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