Monday, December 1, 2003

Healing the Breach by Rosalind Stormer

Heavenly Bound Publishing Co., 0972084606, $16.95

At forty-two, Jana Harris has had it. A bad day at work is only the latest in a series of disappointments that have haunted her throughout her life. Bad relationships, bad decisions, and bad habits have forced Jana at this juncture in her life to take stock of the past, wallow in the misery of her present, and ponder the future. As she anguishes over whom to turn to in this time, she finds one name rises to the surface of her conciousness: Grace.

A former best friend, Grace was the zig to Jana's zag. She was the shoulder for crying and the ear for listening, yet for Grace, Jana became too much of a self-absorbed burden for her to bear. On this night, as Jana reflects upon their friendship and Grace's strong Christian beliefs, Jana wonders if the old adage holds true, if to forgive is indeed divine.

Healing the Breach is a "she said/she said" tale of a weathered friendship seen through the eyes of Jana and Grace. In these natually-written narratives and author Stormer emphasizes the responsibilities and merits of living as a Christian, yet reading of Grace it is obvious there are Jana-like traits present. Stormer's perception of relationships emphasizes that it takes more than two to heal a breach -- God must also be present.

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