Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Books Read, June 2003

Last Call by Diane Dean-Epps; mystery, McKenna Publishing Group; a regular bar patron witnesses a murder in a parking lot and is soon targeted.

Reviewed for Blether, at the request of the author.

Tahitian Destiny by Julie Eberhart Painter; romantic suspense, Xlibris; a woman in search of her genealogical ties in Tahiti learns she is descended from a legendary princess.

Reviewed for the Florida Writers Association, at the request of the FWA review coordinator.

The Spider in the Well by Lee Ann Ward; inspirational, Publish America; a college football player must reevaluate his life when his promising career is taken away by an accident.

Reviewed for Catholic/Christian Reviews, at the request of the author. This was an eBook galley, and will not be release via BC.

Winning Without Losing Your Way by Rebecca Barnett; non-fiction business, Winning Your Way, Inc.; a former corporate executive examines values and character in the workplace and offers advice on how to maintain a proper balance in work and family lives.

Reviewed for Blether Book Reviews, at the request of the author. Signed copy - not for BC release.

The Honk and Holler Opening Soon by Billie Letts; fiction, Warner Books; a year in the life of regular patrons and new employees of a rural Oklahoma diner.

From my BC journal: "I read this in two days; it is a quick, enjoyable read that left me a bit wanting, I have to admit. Though the ending was upbeat and positive, it left open the fates of the other characters I had come to like. I'm wondering now if Molly O and Life get together, if Bui's wife will ever come to the US from Vietnam, and if Brenda will ever shape up and stop being such a brat. Lett's style reminds me a lot of Fannie Flagg, whose books I adore. I might just pick up her other book."

I was a stop on a bookray for this title, and it has been released to the next person in line.

* Dirty Jokes and Beer by Drew Carey; non-fiction/humor, Hyperion; the wit and wisdom of Drew Carey, title is pretty much self-explanatory.

Yes, I watch The Drew Carey Show. At least I did until recently, the show shifted time slots and I got out of the habit when I got satellite television. However, when a Bookcrossing started this bookray I signed up anyway. The title is, as I mention, self-explanatory. Almost every chapter begins with a joke (granted, not all are dirty), followed by at times funny, at times raw, observations by Mr. Carey. The last third of the book is comprised by a number of semi-autobiographical stories, which I enjoyed more. The book has been mailed to the next person in line.

The Valley of Childhood by Linda Whalen; non-fiction/inspirational, Bright Books; a woman's spiritual journey to Christ is compared to a walk through the valley.

Reviewed for Catholic/Christian Reviews, at the request of the author. This book is signed and will not be released.

Jonah Christopher and the Last Chance Mass by William Ferguson; fiction, Writer's Club Press; a middle school teacher is charged by the Blessed Virgin to complete a dangerous mission.

This book was a gift from the author, who was kind to interview me for the now defunct CatholicNewsDaily website. Though it was not requested, I completed a review for Catholic/Christian Reviews and added the title to an article on summer reading, which will hopefully be posted to CatholicExchange.com.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling; fiction, Scholastic Press; the fifth Harry Potter adventure has Harry, Ron, and Hermione operating a clandestine Defense Against the Dark Arts class under the nose of a humorless bureaucrat intent on taking over Hogwarts.

Received on Saturday, finished on Monday. The book dragged a bit for me through the first third; it didn't really pick up until everybody got to Hogwarts. I won't give much away, but Fred and George Weasley steal the show, and this whole Harry/Cho thing is starting to aggravate me.

Peacetalk 101 by Suzette Haden Elgin; fiction, Lethe Press; a man intent on killing himself and his family receives some valuable lessons from a homeless man.

Reviewed for Blether Book Reviews at the request of the author.

Living Sacrifices by James Rollings, Jr.; non-fiction, Pleasant Word; a semi-autobiographical testimony on the falsehood of self-reliance.

Reviewed for Catholic/Christian Book Reviews at the request of the author.

Joseph and Mary: a Love Story by N. Ashton Walker; inspirational fiction, Fingerprint Press; a fictional account of the life of Joseph and Mary, set in contemporary time.

This was sent by the author for review, review is pending due to some problematic themes.

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