Friday, May 16, 2003

Books Read, March 2003

Battle Cry by Glenda Finkelstein; science fiction, IUniverse; a futuristic tale involving a civilization unable to die seeking the release of death, torturing another race of people until they are satisfied.

I reviewed this title for the Florida Writers Association newsletter. The premise of the book is intriguing, yet I had difficulty getting through the book. It read to me as if it needed another round of editing. Anyway, full review is available at the FWA site.

The Shattering Sword by Forrest Taylor; fantasy, Xlibris; a crumbling civilization, awaiting a prophecy to be fulfilled, prepares to revolt against a corrupt ruler.

This is another FWA review, available on their site. This one I found more interesting and better paces than Battle Cry; it is darker and the author does a good job of setting the mood through the action and characters.

Wicked Stop, Georgia by Zane Smith; thriller, publisher unknown; an unsuspecting family on vacation is directed to an out of the way hotel in Georgia and abducted, to be sold through an international slavery ring.

This book, I believe, is not yet published. An advance review was done by request. The premise was interesting, though some parts of the book tended to linger too much on expository information that didn't necessarily move the action. A few characters came off as irritating, but I can't imagine anybody who runs a sex slave ring wouldn't be at one time or another.

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