Thursday, March 13, 2003

Buttercups for Jesus: Reflecting His Light in Your Life by Nancy Marie

Booklocker, 1591132991, $11.95

Perhaps you did it once as a child. You and a friend romped in the backyard or through a grassy spot at a neighboring park and came across a patch of bright yellow flowers. Your friend plucks a buttercup from the ground and holds it under your tilted chin, looking for the yellow reflection that indicates your fondness of butter. An innocent scene, yet one powerful enough to inspire Christian author Nancy Marie to create an allegory between these fields of flowers and her desire to better serve the Lord. In her devotional Buttercups for Jesus, Marie touches upon various points in her Christian life and how she struggles to reflect Christ's love, thereby making the proverbial buttercup something more than the weed most perceive it to be.

Buttercups is not a long book, clocking in around 100 pages, yet in this case brevity is most certainly an asset. Marie comes directly to the point in the dozen vignettes used to illustrate her ongoing walk with Christ, from the personal (including one personal story concerning Marie's prideful, unChristian confrontation with another writer) to the parable. As with other devotionals, each chapter concludes with a relevant prayer called for the Lord's guidance in daily life.

In one favorite passage of Buttercups, the author compares herself to a cracked pot, imperfect yet able to serve God's purpose. This image best serves to describe what Marie hopes to relay, that despite our flaws our actions can produce the perfect reflection of Christ in our lives. Anybody doubting this will want to pick up Marie's inspirational Buttercups for Jesus.

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