Thursday, April 11, 2002

Unicorn in the Sanctuary by Randall England

TAN Books, 0895554518, $8.00

Some people might think Unicorn in the Sanctuary could qualify as a horror book, for all the information about Catholic dissidents and others trying to incorporate New Age sentiment in the Church. Alas, this is all too real...I've seen it myself in churches I used to attend.

Does it strike you as odd to see a church bulletin announcement for an enneagram workshop? Unicorn in the Sanctuary effectively explains how the practice clashes with Catholic teaching, and England does a satisfactory job of detailing other various movements trying to infiltrate the Church, including visualization, channeling, and other New Age ideas.

The only thing that bothered me were the references to Dave Hunt's works as supplemental reading about the New Age influence in Christianity. Mr. Hunt is rabidly anti-Catholic, and it bothered me to see his works were included in the bibliography of a Catholic book. I understand from the author, having heard from him since this review was first printed elsewhere, that Unicorn is the first such book to tackle this subject, as the work Fr. Mitch Pacwa (Catholics and the New Age) was not yet available. England also mentioned that Dave Hunt's anti-Catholic literature had not been published when he was researching Unicorn. At any rate, I'll certainly not hold the references against him, and neither should the reader.

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