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Guest Author Lea Bronsen: Mine to Love #Romance


Please welcome Lea Bronsen!

Book two of the Hot Model Mine trilogy is finally here! Did you wonder what happened to erotic romance author Andrea and her irresistible cover model, Yushka, after the conference in Cannes?

In book one, The Perfect Shoot, things were complicated for the couple. He was much younger than her—practically the same age as her twins—and she'd spent half her life without a man. After much reflection, she ended up giving into her desire and taking Mr. Hot Model for lover. But what then after they traveled back to their separate lives?

Wait no more: They're here to tell the continuation of their sizzling love story :)



The writing conference in sunny Cannes was fantastical, a dream. Back at home, reality catches up with author Andrea Johnson and the sexy cover model of her book, Yushka. With tough working schedules, challenging family relations, and seductive temptation from all sides, the couple’s explosive romance is put to the test.

Will their love be strong enough to have a future?



While Yushka gets his duffel bag in the back seat, I lean against the side of the Corolla and stretch my arms on top of its roof. “You got everything?”

“Yeah.” He lifts the bag over his shoulder and tilts his head in direction of the front door. “We good to go?”

My pulse beats a little faster at the thought of him dropping that bag on my bedroom floor and lifting me in his arms instead. I’m so excited to be with him, I simmer inside, aching to touch and hold him. I want to have all of him at once, right now.

A spark of amusement plays in his gorgeous Asian eyes as he waits for me to make a move. “What’s on your mind, Princess?”

Holding his gaze, I smile, my fingers tapping a beat on the car hood to buy some time because I don’t know what to reply. I have a feeling whatever might come out of my mouth now, like I can’t wait to rip those clothes off you or I’m going to make you scream, will sound too cheesy. Why do we need to put our attraction into words, anyway? Once we’re home, there’ll be no reason to talk that much. We’ll do the talking with our more-than-capable hands and … um … mouths.

I tap a quick rap before stepping back from the car. “Come on.”

“Okay.” Widening his smile, he follows me to the front entrance.

I unlock and push the wood door open. “I hope your bag’s not too heavy. The elevator doesn’t work.”

“When are they gonna fix it?”

“Huh, good question.” I step forward, but when in the doorway, I spin to hold the door open for him. “I have no idea.”

“No?” With a raised brow, he passes me.

Just then, I move toward him, chest-to-chest, blocking him and his thick bag between myself and the doorframe.

“Oh!” He laughs.

As the door pushes into my back, squeezing me tighter against him, I put my hands on his waist. First above his clothes––the thick leather jacket and his shirt––then sneaking underneath both of them, my fingers splaying on his warm skin and stroking him.

Completely stuck, he tilts his head and stares into my eyes, his own sparkling with playfulness. “What are you up to?”

“You have a problem?” I move my hands out from beneath his shirt and go downward to palm his tight ass cheeks, pulling his crotch to me. My lower stomach and increasingly heating inner thighs seek to meet his. I want to be so near him he’ll feel my lust, and I want his lust to grow, too. I need us to join and be a match, a melting pot of desire, irresistible and untamable.

“I have to bribe you?” he asks, voice lower, and leans down to kiss me.

How did he guess? At the warm touch of his parted lips, delight rushes through me as if I’d had a shot of alcohol.

He retreats his face a few inches, enough to have a view of what he just kissed. “This good enough for you?” His voice comes out husky, a bit short of breath. With his free hand, he strokes and kneads my butt.

“One more,” I mouth with the next exhale of air. Though the door bores painfully into my back, I don’t want to move, loving the feel of being so close to Yushka, so intimate. It’s amazing how instantaneous and intense our connection is. Just wait till we get our clothes off.

Again, his warm lips land on mine, and we kiss greedily, nose-to-nose, wet tongues playing with each other. My inner pussy muscles clench, remembering too well what it’s like to have his cock inside. I breathe faster. A growing hardness in his crotch presses against me, provoking more tightening. Oh, God. Hot wetness glides down my pussy, wetting my panties. So ready, so soon… I mew into his mouth, and he rewards me with a guttural response, our mouths practically eating each other.

But this isn’t the right place. We need to move and play this torturous game and its grand finale somewhere else.

Releasing his lips, I gasp from our separation, but still manage to pull away.

“Fuck, you’re hot.” He inhales deeply and looks up, feverish eyes widening and trying to refocus.

As I step backward, forcing the door to open again, cold evening air sneaks between our heated bodies. “Let’s go,” I say with a croak, my chest heaving.

He gives a small nod and steps inside the low-lit lobby.


Evernight | Amazon.com | Amazon.uk | All Romance eBooks | Bookstrand | Smashwords | iTunes

Add the book to your Goodreads list, and check out my inspiration on Pinterest!

Would you like to read the first book, The Perfect Shoot? You can find it here.


Lea Bronsen

I like my reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strive to give my own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with my debut novel Wild Hearted, I divide my writing time between psychological thriller, suspense romance, and erotic contemporary romance.

I love to hear from my readers! Write to leabronsen@yahoo.com or meet me on:

Website | Lea's Crazy Nights Blog | Facebook profile | Facebook page | Twitter | Amazon

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Monday Muddle: Sexy Daring Naughty Bliss

Do you ever get the feeling you aren't as productive as you could be, yet you look around and find so much to say? The last few months have felt like that for me. It could be the return of the school year had muddle my thinking - I have to consider school pickups and activities, and I worry about getting writing done. Then I come to today's blog post to promote FIVE eBooks.

To be fair, some of this work is republished, but I did go in and tweak and revise bits. So let's go down the line and I'll tell you what's available for your eBook reader/app, and what's left to come.

Holiday Bliss (Pre-order ARe ~ AMZ ~ SMASH) came out in the now out of print Hot Holiday Treats box set. It is a Love is Bliss story and features an older heroine (Sheila, Caleb's aunt and Trisha's mother from the first two stories) and a younger panther. It's a romantic comedy with Christmas spirit, one I've enjoyed revisiting.

First Ladylove (Buy: ARe ~ AMZ ~ BN ~ KOBO ~ ITUNES ~ SMASH) has received some lovely reviews on Amazon, and I've enjoyed sharing previews of the other stories available in the book on this blog. I'm looking into a promotion in November during one site's F/F week right now.

I haven't decided if I will release "Daring Destiny" on its own. Right now I'm waiting out a contract on another lesbian romance I wrote. I may do a duology that I can put into print. Too early to tell.

My contribution to Sexy To Go, Volume 9 (Buy: ARe ~ AMZ ~ BN ~ KOBO ~ ITUNES) is a revision of "Jilted," and the Halloween edition (Buy: ARe ~ AMZ ~ BN ~ KOBO) has a revision of "Don't Dare the Reaper." Now that I have my older shorts from Phaze Books back, they will be revised for the remainder the box sets for the year. Next year, Sexy To Go will focus on theme sets, so that will give me time to contribute original material for 2016. Of course, if you never read "Jilted" or "Don't Dare the Reaper" they are new to you. :-)

Coming Together: Strange Shifters now has a cover! My M/M short, Gator Tail, will appear in the book, which is out on Halloween. Right now, I don't plan to release the story on its own, nor do I plan to release Lyon's Den, which is in Coming Together: Outside the Box (AMZ ~ BN ~ KOBO ~ ITUNES ~ SMASH). I think the only way they will be published beyond these collections is if I write more in each respective universe, or if Coming Together sees fit to collect all of my stories into a single-author volume. Right now, though, I'm more concerned about getting Coming Together: On Wheels put together.

Lastly, some news: I am one of the authors in the upcoming ARe Books December series. Look for Touch of Class on December 1. Cover reveal and info to follow soon.

Is that everything? I think so, for now.

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Guest Author Cathy Pegau: Revelation in First LadyLove #lesfic

First Ladylove is an ARe Bestseller and is climbing the lesbian romance charts at Amazon! Get your copy at ARe or AMZ. Enjoy this preview from Cathy Pegau's story, REVELATION.

About the Story

After their rebel company is routed by the king’s forces, mage Lizbet and swordswoman Sahra are caught behind enemy lines. Sahra respects the mage’s power but is obligated to protect her as a member of her company and a scarce resource. She also begins to see Lizbet in a way she’d never thought of her compatriot before. Lizbet has always liked the reticent Sahra and is grateful to have the sword swinger at her side. She would like there to be more between them, but they have to survive their trek through enemy territory first. As the two make their way back with critical information for the leader of the rebellion, secrets and feelings are revealed.


The woodland between the mountains and the River Darsk wasn’t particularly wide, but it was full of tall, thick evergreens as well as deciduous trees. The ground between the arms-wide trunks was covered in broken boughs and dried leaves and needles. It smelled of decaying logs and moss. A few fallen giants had opened the canopy, giving rise to new growth and patches of bright sunlight.
Sahra avoided those areas. Better to stay in the shadows, their boots muffled by the softer ground cover.
Overhead, birds called and tree-dwellers scurried across thick bark. There were animals that lived on the forest floor, but they were smart enough to disappear into the shadows well before she and Lizbet would have a chance to see them.
Sahra glanced at Lizbet walking beside her, then back to the path. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of the mage. Or her own thoughts. The warm, tingling sensation of Lizbet’s hand in hers had made her palm itch. Sahra had taken it for some sort of magical residue and tried to ignore it. But then Lizbet’s hand on her chest was another matter. She couldn’t feel the heat of it through her mail shirt, just its presence, and for more than a moment Sahra wanted that hand on her with nothing between them.
The idea was startling, but not unwelcome. Sahra had never considered Lizbet as anything more than a comrade. She had never bedded a woman. What would that be like? What would she be like? Sahra’s intimate encounters with males had been few, fleeting, and purely to relieve frustrations. Would it be the same with someone like Lizbet?
Now was not the time to consider such things, but perhaps when they were safely back in their own territory and could let down their guard…
She looked over at Lizbet again.
There was a wrinkle between the mage’s eyes as she monitored the ward surrounding them and kept up with the longer-legged Sahra. Sweat dampened her temples. Was the effort of maintaining the ward too much on top of traveling? They’d been walking at a steady but not overly fast pace for nearly two hours, from what Sahra could reckon.
“Do you want to rest?” she asked, slowing.
Lizbet walked past her several steps then turned. She seemed distracted or confused.
“Lizbet, are you—”
The mage held up her hand, stopping Sahra. The wrinkle between her eyes deepened and she slowly pivoted. “Someone’s out there,” she whispered.
Sahra swung her head this way and that, trying to see or hear anything. She drew her sword from its sheath, the heft of steel reassuring. “Where?” she asked just as quietly.
Lizbet pointed to the south, toward the River Darsk. She turned slightly to her left and pointed again, using two fingers. Pointed again to the west, four fingers spread. She turned quickly to the east, the direction they’d been heading. She raised six fingers.
Damn it. Six on two, coming from three fronts. Not great odds. Not impossible, depending on the Korrideans’ skill level, but not great.
“How far?”
Before Lizbet could reply, a small fireball exploded against the tree trunk ten feet away. Sahra jerked Lizbet toward her and around, putting her armored back to the flames.
“I’d have to say not far,” Lizbet quipped as she straightened.

About the Author:

Cathy Pegau started writing sword and sorcery fantasy as a teen (MANY years ago), has dabbled in science fiction romance (maybe more than dabbled, as she has 3 SFR novels out), and is currently writing a historical mystery series (no SFF in that one). She lives in Alaska with her family and a houseful of pets.

Finder her at http://cathypegau.com, on Twitter @CathyPegau, and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Cathy-Pegau-184452628282206

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Guest Author Anastasia Vitsky: Dreams of Flying from First Ladylove #lesfic

First Ladylove releases today! Get your copy at ARe or AMZ. Enjoy this preview from Anastasia Vitsky's story.

DREAMS OF FLYING by Anastasia Vitsky
Lesbian Romance
part of the First Ladylove anthology

Retirement means saying good-bye to everything she knows...and hello to a whole new world.
When Karla Jamison marries her husband and gives birth to her daughter, she thinks she has followed society’s rules. But after Ray’s death six months later, she throws herself into librarianship and single motherhood. What would her daughter and community say if they knew Mrs. Raymond Jamison loved women?
She keeps her secret until retiring at age sixty-one, fulfilling a promise to Ray by relocating to a tiny, historic town in Florida. There she meets Annabelle Trelanka, who spends every possible second on the flying bridge of her cabin cruiser. After choosing to stay single rather than declare her sexuality, Annabelle loves the freedom she finds on water.
Where will Karla’s new freedom take her? Is she ready for the next big change in her life?

“Don’t be afraid.” Safely ensconced in the flying bridge of my Oneir, I beckon to Karla shivering at the bottom of the ladder. “You’re okay with heights, aren’t you?”
“Of course.” She pats the top rung of the ladder as if testing whether it will crumble. “It’s shaking.”
“That’s the water.” I sit on the bridge, swinging my legs and kicking at the metal fixture. “See? I couldn’t knock this down if I tried.”
She jumps back, bumping into the wall behind her. She adjusts her glasses with a trembling hand. “I can look at the ocean from here, thanks. You said it’s deep enough for diving, but I’m not planning on it.”
“You climbed more stairs to my condo, and you didn’t have a problem with that.” I shouldn’t push, but I want Karla to take the chance. I’ve never had a woman on my bridge, or at least not one like her. I can think of ten different ways to enjoy the moonlight, but I can’t scare her yet.
She sets a sensibly sandaled foot onto the first rung but pulls away. “What’s so great about your top deck, anyway?”
“Scoot over.” I shimmy down the ladder and take her by the waist. “Go on. I’ll be right behind you.”
“I’m fine!” She puffs, gripping the metal edges without moving. “I don’t—”
I haul her upward, first one step and then another until her delectable bottom rises to eye level. The white fabric of her three-quarter-length slacks shows faint panty lines, and I pat for encouragement. “It’s safe.”
“That’s enough.” She slips one foot downward to descend after her second step.
Before I can think, I deliver a crisp, noisy smack to the back pocket of her pants. She freezes, and I curse myself. Too forward. She wriggles in unconscious invitation, and I fight a losing battle not to smack the other side.
“Ouch!” She gives a breathy giggle as my hand makes a second impact. “Now who’s the dirty old woman?”
“You’ll pay for that.” I’m glad she can’t see the ridiculous grin spreading across my face.
“Oh, please.” She lowers herself one more step, leaning until her back nestles against my chest.
I wrap her in a soundless slow dance to the lapping of waves against the boat. By some unfathomable stroke of good fortune, this creature has made Oneir live up to its name.

About the Author
Cookie queen, wooden spoon lady, and champion of carbs, Anastasia Vitsky specializes in naughty F/F fiction. She hates shoes and is allergic to leather. When not writing about women who live spankily ever after, she coordinates reader and author events such as Spank or Treat, Love Spanks, and Sci Spanks. Her favorite event is Ana’s Advent Calendar, a month-long celebration of books, community, and making a difference.
She is too afraid to watch Doctor Who, but she adores The Good Wife, Madam Secretary, and anything with Audrey Hepburn. In her next life, she will learn how to make the perfect pie crust.
Where to find out more about Anastasia Vitsky and her books:

Social Media Links

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Guest Author Nikko Lee - Wolf Creek

Please welcome Nikko Lee to AReCafe!

Omegas Rule

Just about everyone knows what an alpha wolf is. He is the leader of the pack. The strongest, most domineering wolf in the pack. Usually a pack will have an alpha male and an alpha female who rule over the pack.

Some people have heard of beta wolves. These are the second in commands who support the alphas, but may also make a move for leadership if the alphas should show weakness.

So what is an omega wolf?

In every hierarchical system, there is always someone at the bottom of the pecking order. In a wolf pack, this would be the smallest, weakest or most timid wolf. The omega wolf bears the brunt of the pack’s aggression.

In Wolf Creek, Josh has always viewed being an omega werewolf as a curse. It is a birthright and a position he inherits when his mother is killed. Far from accepting his lot as his mother did, Josh is determined to break free from the pack and start his own life.

Only Josh doesn’t realize how powerful an omega werewolf can be. They are the only wolves that can identify alphas and gauge their strength without bloodshed. Omegas also have the ability to diffuse tension and influence others in the pack without using force.

There is no pack without an alpha, but without an omega the pack would be ruled by violence.

While coming to terms with his omega heritage, Josh must find an alpha strong enough to control New England’s largest pack, convince the Amazon vigilantes to re-instate their treaty with the pack, survive a new best friend who might be more dangerous than his enemies and stop himself from falling for a man who might just be the man Josh has been looking for.


The author is a scientific curator who enjoys writing genre fiction
from erotica to horror under the pen name Nikko Lee. Born in Canada,
she moved to Maine after completing a PhD in Zoology and her
post-doctoral training. She resides near Bar Harbor with her husband,
daughter, two cats and malamute. She blogs about hiking, writing and
science at www.nikkolee.com.

Facebook Author page: https://www.facebook.com/Nikko-Lee
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/88nikkolee88
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3132914.Nikko_Lee
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Nikko-Lee/e/B004LO51T6
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NikkoLee88
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/nikko_lee88

Youtube Wolf Creek trailer: https://youtu.be/wYULHoLNHIQ

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Guest Author KT Grant: Mile High Pleasures in First Ladylove #lesfic

Please welcome KT Grant to preview another great story in First Ladylove!

Buy First Ladylove: ARe ~ AMZ

About Mile High Pleasures
Set in a world of flying steam airships and robots, the unappreciative Lottie Bells toils away as a seamstress. The only bright side is a visit from her childhood friend, Diana Russell, a lieutenant in the British Royal Air Navy. But when Lottie sees Diana again, she’s confused by her attraction to the beautiful lieutenant, who makes Lottie an enticing offer that may change their relationship forever.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Diana wrapped her hand around Charlotte’s wrist and yanked her back down. She stumbled and landed hard against Diana, pushing her back against the cushions. Sitting up, Diana’s arms came around her and their noses bumped against one another. Charlotte swallowed, her throat and mouth dry. The hooded stare Diana gave her made her lower extremities clench, and she bit her lip.
“If you keep biting your lip, I may end up kissing you again,” Diana whispered and cupped Charlotte’s cheek.
“I don’t understand what’s going on between us. Ever since we shared those kisses, I’ve been so confused. What I’m feeling for you isn’t right.”
Diana caressed Charlotte’s throat. Charlotte’s eyelids fluttered, and she inhaled through her nose to stop from moaning.
“Why isn’t it right? Because we’re both women and have been taught that we should marry men and procreate with them? I never wanted that, and I don’t think you do either.”
“But we can’t be anything more than friends. You’re going to leave me soon, and I’ll be all alone—”
Diana pressed her mouth to hers, molding her lips over Charlotte’s in a strong suction. She moaned and dug her fingers into the front of Diana’s shirt. Diana increased the pressure of the kiss and Charlotte spread her palms over her chest, jerking back when Diana’s nipples hardened.
“Oh….” Charlotte whispered, and, when Diana nipped her mouth, she joined in, rubbing against Diana as she tried to find some sort of relief.
Diana broke off the kiss, and, with a swipe of her tongue over Charlotte’s mouth, she sat up and lifted Charlotte away until she pushed her on her back and leaned over her.
She gazed up at Diana, out of breath, her own chest heaving and her nipples tightening as the clenching between her legs grew. “I feel so strange.”
Diana slowly unbuttoned the front of Charlotte’s dress. “Strange as in wrong, or strange as in wonderful?” she asked, and when the top of Charlotte’s bosom was revealed, she placed a soft kiss on the exposed skin.
Charlotte’s clutched Diana’s arms. “Wonderful, but also….”
“Unknown? I know, Lottie. I’ve been living with my feelings for you for years and wasn’t sure how you would respond to me.”
“Respond?” Charlotte asked.
Diana traced a nail across the top of her breast. Charlotte sighed and moved her hands up higher to play with Diana’s hair.
“I was afraid you would be disgusted with me. After the kisses we shared, you acted shocked and didn’t say anything. That was why I left the way I did. But then when you wrote me and didn’t bring up the incident. I thought you forgave me and wanted to be friends and nothing more.”
Diana’s eyes were bright with tears. Charlotte blinked away the dampness forming in her own. She pulled Diana’s head down and brushed her hand over her curls. “I would never be disgusted by you. I’ve dreamt of kissing you each night. Now that you’re leaving me, I don’t know what I’ll do.”
Diana lifted her head and smiled. “I’m leaving, but not without you. I can’t stand another second without you by my side. I hate it when we’re apart.”
“I-I don’t understand. How can we be together?” Charlotte swept her fingers over Diana’s face as if to memorize it.
“Ever since we met in Hyde Park, when we were girls, and you helped rescue my kite from getting stuck in a tree, I’ve adored you. And when I grew into womanhood, I knew what I felt for you wasn’t just friendship. I wanted more. And I think you do, too, but need me to push you into accepting my terms in order for us to be together.”
Charlotte’s eyes widened when Diana curled her hands into her hair and pulled her face in close to hers.
“When my father and I leave for Boston, you’re coming with us, and I won’t take no for an answer.”
Diana’s mouth came crashing down on hers. This time her tongue slid inside Charlotte’s mouth that had dropped open in shock. She arched her back when Diana’s palms cupped her breasts and molded them, her thumbs swiping her nipples. And when Diana’s hand slipped inside her corset, she gasped and lifted her leg to curve around Diana’s hip.
“Do you like how I touch you?” Diana whispered and circled her hand over Charlotte’s breast, squeezing lightly.
“Yes!” Charlotte gave her mouth to Diana again. When Diana kissed her, she wanted to experience more. As to what that mysterious more was, she wanted Diana to show her.

About KT Grant
KT Grant is a self-proclaimed eccentric redhead who not only loves to read a wide variety of romances, but also loves writing it. Under her alter-ego, she is a well-known book blogger who doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinion. A proud native of New Jersey, KT is multi-published and writes Gay, Lesbian and Straight romance. KT has been a top ten best-selling author at Amazon, as well as being a multiple All Romance Ebooks best seller and a Night Owl Reviews Top Author Pick. KT is also About.com’s Romance Novel Expert and Columnist.

KT loves to hear from readers. You can drop KT an email at ktgrnt@gmail.com.

You can also find KT at these fun places:

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Guest Author Trevann Rogers

Please welcome Trevann to the blog today!

Thank you Leigh for allowing me to join you today.  Although I have been writing short stories since high school, House of the Rising Son is my first novel length project and the first I pitched. Playing in this world, with these characters, has been not only a way to relax, but also a way to escape daily stress.  These characters have been appearing in short stories for years in one incarnation or another, shared only with a small band of fellow writers. Now I’d like to introduce them to you, and hope that you will love them as much as I.

Living After Midnight, Book 1

Sex. Rebellion. Rock and roll.

Cheyenne is a half-human incubus whose star is on the rise in the Unakite City rock scene. His father, the leader of the supernatural races, would prefer he keep a “low profile”, but screw that. Cheyenne has as much music in his veins as royal incubi blood.

Alexander's future is all set—finish law school, join the family firm, and marry someone who'd be good for business. Not that he has a say in any of it. He's barely met the woman his father expects him to marry.

As Cheyenne's musical career takes off, his carefully constructed life begins to unravel, exacerbated by an ex-lover who can't let go, a crotchety barkeeper with a dirty mind and a pure heart, a drag queen who moonlights as a nanny, and Alexander—who's not sure if he's falling for the incubus or the rocker.

Cheyenne denies who he is, while Alexander hides what he wants. Together, they learn that getting what they truly want means being who they truly are.

While waiting for their drinks, Alexander studied the deep grooves carved into the table, trying to ignore the friction of Cheyenne’s thigh rubbing against his as the musician tapped a heel to the thump of the DJ’s music. Once the drinks arrived, Alexander downed half the bottle before he realized Cheyenne’s large green eyes were staring at him.
“So where’s your girl, Prudhomme? I mean, Prune Danish. No, wait...”
“Prudish. Shit, Prudence,” Alexander sputtered.
Cheyenne’s eyes sparkled. “No, you got it right the first time. Where is she?”
He shrugged. “Home, I guess.”
Cheyenne cocked his head. “Oh, really?” He put his hand on Alexander’s leg. “What’s up? You can tell me.”
“It’s not working out.” Alexander dragged his teeth over his lower lip. “It’s my fault.” He couldn’t keep his attraction to Cheyenne out of his voice. “I don’t know what’s happening to me.”
Cheyenne put his thumb to his lip and paused. “It’s like the drink.”

Alexander tilted his head, not sure he heard correctly. “The drink?”

“Yeah, that nasty ass bourbon. I bet your father drinks it. Your uncles. All your friends. Everybody, right?”

He didn’t answer, but waited for Cheyenne to continue.

“It was just expected that you’d drink it too. So you did.” His hand moved up Alexander’s thigh. “But now, maybe it’s okay to drink what you like. A different brand, a better vintage. Because you want it. Because it tastes better.” Cheyenne licked his lips. “Because it feels right.”
Alexander cleared his throat and brushed his lap, pushing Cheyenne’s hand away. “I can’t.”
“If you change your mind, let me know.”

“You don’t understand. It’s not that easy. My whole life will change.”

“It already has.”

Buy links:
Barnes and Noble http://tinyurl.com/ohfz8jc
Social Media Links: